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The Best Breweries In Sudbury [2023]

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy some delicious beer, Sudbury is the perfect destination! 

This city is home to many award-winning breweries, each of which offers its own unique menu of beers. Some popular brews found in Sudbury include Red Blazer Ale, Nickel Brook Lager, and Snowball IPA. If you’re not familiar with any of these brands or beers, don’t worry – most bars and restaurants in town will be happy to pour you a pint and tell you all about the different types of beer available. 

We chose these local breweries based on their excellent customer service, the wide range of beers they offer (including seasonal varieties), and their location within easy walking distance from downtown Sudbury.

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How much does it cost to visit a brewery in Sudbury?

The cost of visiting a brewery in Sudbury can vary depending on the brewery’s size, offerings, and the type of experience you’re looking for. Here are some rough estimates:

  • Brewery Tours: Many breweries offer guided tours of their facilities, which can range from free to around $20 per person. Some breweries may also offer premium tours with additional perks at a higher cost.
  • Tasting Flights: Tasting flights typically include small samples of several beers, allowing you to try a variety of brews. Prices for tasting flights can vary, but they usually range from $10 to $20.
  • Pints or Glasses: If you prefer to enjoy a full pint or glass of beer, prices can vary depending on the type of beer and the brewery. On average, you can expect to pay around $5 to $10 per pint or glass.
  • Food and Snacks: Some breweries have on-site restaurants or food trucks where you can enjoy meals or snacks along with your beer. Food prices will vary based on the menu.
  • Events and Special Offerings: Some breweries host special events, beer releases, or themed nights, which may have additional costs associated with them.

Keep in mind that these are rough estimates, and prices may vary from one brewery to another. It’s best to check with the specific brewery you plan to visit for their current pricing and offerings.

The Best Breweries In Sudbury

1) Stack Brewing

Stack Brewing is a local brewery that has been serving the Sudbury community since 2013. The brewery has won several provincial and national awards from the Ontario Brewing Awards and the Canadian Brewing Awards, which attest to its quality craft beer.

Here, you’re sure to find a variety of beer flavors that appeal to your taste. Their selection includes cans, bottles and growler fills of popular beers such as IPA, Stout, Ale and Lager. In addition, The Beer Store offers a wide range of rotating taps with exciting new brews always on offer. 

All of their beers are based on a German beer style and combine a deliciously malty taste and caramel fragrance. Plus, the brewery has several other types of beers available for sale, including sour IPAs. Whether you’re looking for a cold one after work or an enjoyable evening with friends, Stack Brewery is sure to have something for you!

Business Information:

Phone: +17055867822
Address: 1350 Kelly Lake Rd, Greater Sudbury, ON P3E 5P4, Canada

Customer Review:
“Thanks to Ashley for the awesome delivery of customer service while locating and shipping a misplaced puppers beer order. The follow-up phone conversation and subsequent email to advise of the resolved issue and product having been shipped was most appreciated. The friendly, professional and efficient client service was greatly appreciated! Thank-you Stack Brewing and all of your employees.”



2) SPACECRAFT Brewery•Eatery•Taphouse

SPACECRAFT Brewery prides itself in a rotating craft beer list that is out of this world! With over 50 different beers on tap, you’re sure to find the perfect brew for your taste. In addition to its fantastic selection of beer, the pub also offers a wide range of food options, including burgers and pizza.

The restaurant has an open kitchen so you can see your food being prepared. In addition, the menu features a variety of dishes that are sure to appeal to everyone in the family. 

What makes the brewery stand out is that most of its beers are brewed on-site. This allows them to control the entire brewing process, from start to finish. This gives their beer a unique and superior taste compared to those produced by breweries that rely on external sources for ingredients and fermentation.

Business Information:

Phone: +17054192337
Address: 854 Notre Dame Ave, Greater Sudbury, ON P3A 2T4, Canada

Customer Review:
“Good food, great beer and a very cool retro interior. Lots of seating and an open kitchen so you can see your food prepared. I loved the interior. All space themed and retro, complete with an old school arcade game. The beers were all great, especially the beers brewed on site. 10/10 recommend.”

3) Crosscut Distillery

At Crosscut Distillery, they focus on creating unique and quality spirits. Each bottle is made with local and unexpected ingredients that are blended to create unique flavors. This allows those who drink their products to experience the difference that small-batch distilling can make. 

Plus, the brewery also sells various Ontario-made beverages such as beer, wine, cider and mead. So whether you’re looking for a new spirit to try or want to support one of your province’s established businesses, Crosscut Distillery has something for you!

Business Information:

Phone: +17054705323
Address: 1347 Kelly Lake Rd, Sudbury, ON P3E 5P5, Canada

Customer Review:
“Crosscut is my absolute favourite place to go. The atmosphere is amazing, the staff are so personable. The drinks are SPECTACULAR. I am obsessed with everything about this place. Also the manager is my favourite, Corissa is SO kind and I love her vibes so much.”
FAQs About Breweries
The beer brewing process typically involves the following five steps: malting, mashing, boiling wort, fermentation and conditioning.
The four main components of brewing are water, malt, hops and yeast.
Answer: Yes, many breweries offer public tours of their facilities. These tours provide an opportunity to learn about the brewing process, see the equipment, and sample various beers. Some breweries may require reservations for tours, so it’s best to check their website or contact them in advance.
It depends on the brewery’s policy. Some breweries have on-site restaurants or food trucks where you can purchase food to enjoy with your beer. Others may allow you to bring your own food or have designated picnic areas. However, some breweries may have restrictions on outside food to support their on-site food offerings. It’s best to check the brewery’s guidelines or contact them directly to inquire about their food policy.

Sudbury is home to a number of excellent breweries that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a light and refreshing lager or a hearty and complex stout, there’s sure to be a brewery in Sudbury that will fit your needs. With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. But with this list of the best breweries in Sudbury, we make choosing easy – all you have to do is pick your favourite!

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